1 / a. The operator of the CADSYNERGY.COM website is  


Business name: CADSYNERGY, s.r.o .
Registered office: Tisinec 35, 091 01 Stropkov, Slovak Republic
ID: 47845465
Represented by: Ing. Peter Bedruň, Managing Director
(hereinafter referred to as “CADSYNERGY”)


1 / b. Responsible person for privacy and GDPR fo CADSYNERGY.COM  is

DPO email:

CADSYNERGY as a company with a website we protect your privacy.  In order to provide you with all the services we need to know about you. Some of them have the nature of personal data in accordance with Act no. On the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter referred to as “the Act”). We use this law to use your data.

While CADSYNERGY does not collect and share personal information on a website in some cases of communication, you must provide the following information about you:

  • name and surname, company name, exact address including country  (or address to be on the invoice)
  • Your  email address  (to identify you to the system and to communicate with you)
  • optionally other  addresses  (if you wish to deliver a mail to a different address than your billing address)
  • optional  phone number  (for faster contact with you)
  • as well as privacy, we are obliged to inform you that your  IP address and Cookies  are  registered with your data in accordance with EU Regulation  and GDPR .

This data is stored in a protected database on our server so that you do not have to re-enter it every time you visit. We process your data for the purpose of retrieving and delivering your order. This data is also required for our billing and accounting system. You can change or change your data and settings at any time. update via email.

If you wish to cancel your registration, please email us. Your account will be deactivated within 10 days of receipt of withdrawal of consent and data will be deleted.

During your visit, we keep temporary information on our server that is necessary for the store to function properly (e.g., what you put into the shopping cart when you came to the page, where you came from the page).

We do not disclose, disclose, disclose your personal information, or provide it to any other entity, with the exception of organizations with whom collaboration is necessary to properly process your order. In particular, banks (in some cases your name), delivery services (delivery address), or some publishers and suppliers, when required by the nature of the product ordered (for product updates, membership card registration in the provider’s system, etc.). However, this information is always provided once for your specific order. We protect the Personal Data Database from damage, destruction, loss and misuse.

By ticking the appropriate checkboxes when you send a message, you can consent to the processing and retention of your personal information needed to receive new service information.

We may also process your personal information after the original purpose of processing only to the extent necessary for the purposes of statistics, accounting and research, and to provide third parties or the general public with aggregated statistical information about customers, traffic, turnover and other data, but in an anonymised form it will not be possible to identify our customers in any way.

The time of collection and processing of personal data coincides with the duration of the service contract. CADSYNERGY is authorized to keep records of personal data even after the termination of the service provision agreement for the purposes of billing payments, recording and enforcing and transferring claims for the service provided, for the purpose of filing a participant, for exercising rights or for fulfilling other obligations imposed by generally binding legal regulations. In accordance with § 13 par. 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act, the Subscriber acknowledges that CADSYNERGY is not entitled to liquidate the Subscriber’s personal data after the termination of the Contract until the deadlines specified in the special regulations expire. By entering into a contract, the Subscriber gives consent to the collection and processing of personal data to the extent specified

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